Saturday, January 19, 2013


TTM, yeah I have no idea, still not real clear, but hey, I am still getting used to these new things.

I think I actually completed two TTMs with not even knowing.

So, I dug into my cards this summer and started two piles, Tigers and not Tigers.  Anything that wasn't from the favorite franchise was going to someone else.  The I found one card and then another.  So I then made a box of sentimental or semi-valuable cards.  Then I kept sorting and for some reason I needed to look something up, so I searched online for a checklist which brought me to Trading Card Database.  If you don't already organize your cards online, go here, and if you go somewhere else, consider the switch.  I love it!

Back to the gig, somehow I stumbled across this card.

and as you know, I have confessed my deep passion for 1984 Topps.

So two things happened after that search, (one will be for another post)

The site that had the card also displayed cards that had been shipped out to MLB players for autos.

Now, I looked at my stack of rounded and creased cards and thought, these may not have value but maybe I can collect autos of players that I used to root for.

So I sent out four cards: Alan Trammell, Tom Brookens, Milt Cuyler and Orel Hershiser.

(this will have to do for now, will put up my own card.)

The first one back was none other than Alan Trammell: 1989 Topps All-Star. WOW! My favorite player, my first try at a TTM (i think) in the mail. AWESOME!  Called my  mom, showed my wife, had my dad over, showed him....I was a little kid about the whole deal.

Next one back, 1987 Topps Tom Brookens, Mr. Underrated. Every year Sparky would have another prospect that would push Brookens out of the Hot Corner, and every year Brookens would hold down the spot.  Now he is rumored to take over for Leyland. He'll be spending more time on the Hot Corner moving from 1st to 3rd base coach this year (since LaMont really does have a vision problem!"

 Keep it Hot on the Corner Tom!

Same deal, mom got a call, wife take a look, dad check this out, even made a Facebook post to hear from friends how much they either liked the card, the set, or Brookens.  NICE!

So I sent these out in July and got two back right away, still waiting on Orel and Cuyler.  So if you're reading this Mr. Hershiser and Mr. Cuyler, you will make my day.

So I have some more auto cards and may dive back in this spring to get more TTMs out there.  All these acronyms in these collecting times are a tad confusing, but I think I am getting the hang of it.

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

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