Wednesday, January 2, 2013

ND Title Game Giveaway!

In an attempt to reduce football / cards I don't want taking space in basement, I am offering up for trade/giveaway 21 Notre Dame collectible cards.

Curly Lambeau, 1989 Fiesta, 1979 Cotton, among other ND legends included.

Just leave the final score of the BCS title game in the comments section with a winner, include a tie breaker of how many passing yards Notre Dame will have in the entire game. (comments close at kickoff, Jan 7)

Winner will receive the cards, and if they find it in your heart to send me some Tigers that will make it even better.


UPDATE 1/4/13 :  I found two more ND cards and I will include 2 graded football cards in the giveaway,

Keep it hot on the corner, pat