Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Can Hardly Stand It!

Tomorrow the BBWAA will announce the 2013 class of Hall of Fame inductees.

The drama of course is the first round of PED users to have their name on the ballot.

I can hardly wait...two Tigers have a legit shot at getting in the hall with the surrounding drama.

I have made my case before, but nonetheless, here it goes:

Alan Trammell in his 12th year on the ballot deserves to go in.

Year on ballot: 12th (named on 36.8 percent of ballots last year)

Career stats: 9,376 PA; .285/.352/.415; 185 HR; 1,003 RBI; 1,231 R; 236 SB 

Was he the best player in the league?  Maybe not.  To this kid from 1984 - 1994, he was.  His numbers are just shy of Barry Larkin (last year's honoree).  I've said in the past my late father-in-law voted for the Hall and he looked at dominance.  Trammell was a World Series MVP, six time All-Star, 1987 AL MVP runner-up, 4 gold gloves, 3 silver sluggers.  Not a hint of PEDs.

Plenty of accolades, but maybe not enough the next two year when you consider the shortstops coming up.

There is a place for Trammell in the Hall and I will be there when it happens.

Jack Morris, probably the most likely to get in this time.

Years on ballot: 14th (named on 66.7 percent of ballots last year)

Career stats: 549 games, 254 wins, 186 losses, 3.90 ERA, 3824 IP, 2478 Ks

Better stats than Holt Wilhelm, Bert Blyleven and 10 other HOF pitchers according the baseball-reference HOF monitor, Ace of 3 world title teams, No Hitter in 1984, not a hint of PEDs,

A better argument than mine for Morris can be found here.

Like I said, I can hardly stand the wait, I am sure Morris and Trammell are in the same boat.

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

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  1. Should be interesting at least. Not sure who ( if anyone ) will get in.