Sunday, January 20, 2013

3,473 Tigers on the wall

This week was so busy in my life that I didn't even get through all of my new Tigers.

It was busy alright...we hosted two wrestling tournaments this weekend, final exams for the kiddos, a big win for my team Wednesday night, so all in all, I am wicked tired.

I did manage to haul in at least 150 some new Tigers to get even closer to 6,000 by October.

Thanks to 2x3 Heroes and gcrl for the big lots of Tigers via trade.  Although I missed this card in both trade evals and have now forgotten which package it came in.

Thanks whoever sent this to me.

Stopped by the LCS Friday for a "mini vacation" between all the events, the hook this time was a 1990 Score Bo Jackson he found for me.  What a sweet card!

Rick the Owner had pulled a 1991 Topps Archives with the 1953 Reprint Tigers set for me. Again, haven't had much time to appreciate it yet, but I am pumped to acquire this into the collection.

Also, a rather large selection in the dime box made for some surprising finds not only for myself but for Rick.

He also wondered how Trammell got in the dime box?  My lucky day.

Trammell of the Week is actually not a Trammell since I had plenty of Trammell's in trade packages this week - 157 Trammell's in the PC, four more this week.  Cabrera has popped into second behind Lou Whitaker.

I got this Mickey Tettleton Church's Chicken card as a ebay "pile on" early last week.

I always liked Mickey (as I played catcher during the days of Tettleton with the Tigers) huge power hitter, nice relaxed parallel bat.  It was also cool to see him on TV the last couple year's cheering on his son at Ohio University.

Another weekly add was 4 of these (I have two for trade), with this eBay purchase I mistakingly broke my resolution of not paying for shipping.  There were similar items for similar total charges, so I went for the most cards for the same price.  So about 2 weeks in 2013, one goal has already failed. This card has got me itching to already start Nothing But Tigers II as I already have the #646 card in the original collection.

Nokes was an exciting young player, but faded.  Again another sentimental pick and favorite along with the other big rookie hitter that year.

Plenty more to share, keep sending the trades in.

Keep it hot on the corner, pat.

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