Friday, January 18, 2013

Nothing But Tigers : Page 1

After just a little over 2 months I finally have my first page completed

(Still developing the scanner/photo skills)

37. Travis Fryman - the heir apparent to Alan Trammell, solid Tigers career, never really a big fan because it was the end for Trammell....just stay at third Fryman!

38. Milt Cuyler - Mr. Speed, stole 41 bases in 1991 and not much after that, he was cool nonetheless, as a nine year old I thought for sure he was going to be like Trout, Harper, Griffey, Jr. (realize: I was nine) currently working for the Twins in Rookie ball, I have had a TTM out to him since July '12 hopefully it comes in soon!

39. Lerin Legrow/Gene Lamont - Nice rookie card here of Lerrin and "Mr. Stop Sign" Gene Lamont

40. Tony Phillips - Stud pickup for the Tigers in the early 1990s, played everywhere..281 BA w. the Tigers, slugged 61 HRs & 70 SBs, overall an underrated Tiger

41. Lou Whitaker - Sweet Lou, maybe the best Tiger of the 1980s, met him in 2007 with my wife, just as "sweet" in person!  I really need to bulk up my Whitaker collection and hopefully he gets his due from the Veteran's committee down the road to get in the Hall

42. Johnny Grubb - the 1984 Grubb card has been challenged by many other #42s, but not many can beat the 1984 Topps design for me.

43. Dean Palmer - one of the benefactors of the steroid era, Hit 30+ HRs in 1993, 1996, 1998, 1999.  In 1999, signed a 5 year contract for $8 million/year for the lowly Tigers and hit 29 HRs in 2000, 11 in 2001 and was out of baseball by 2003.

44. Chet Lemon - 8th in WAR in 1983 & 1984, Nine of 16 year playing career spent in Motown, I have all kinds of Chet Lemon in my collection.  Always had a smile on his face (at least on his cards) and he roamed center every time my parents took me to Tiger Stadium.

45. Jack Morris - How can this guy NOT be in the The Hall?  It's a shame.  So what if he didn't prefer to promote himself with the writers as a player.  He's going to get a boost in my PC.  Just like the Whitaker card on this page, I am a big fan of the UD Team Checklist art cards, similar to Diamond Kings, these bring out the "art of baseball"

This has been a real fun project to work on.  The pages are coming together and even now with a binder with plenty to I am already thinking of Nothing But Tigers II!  I have a 1,600 box almost full ready to go.

Keep making trades and,

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat

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