Thursday, December 11, 2014

Off the Mark: Mark Saccomanno

I can't remember who, but with the amount of different categories people collect,  I am sure there are plenty of bloggers out there that collect cards of players that share the same birthday.

My Cardboard Birthday pal is Mark Saccomanno - April Thirtieth

He had four major release cards, and were all acquired in one fell swoop via SportLots

2006 WBC Future Watch #51 SN999, CHECK
2009 Upper Deck #406 RC CHECK
2009 Upper Deck Gold RC #406 CHECK
2009 Upper Deck Rookie Debut #RDMS CHECK

Here are the career MLB numbers for the Astros:



In this "off the mark" acquisition: I am going to attempt to acquire as many of the WBC cards as possible, ultimately there are 999 of them right?

Hot Corner, Pat

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dodgers Helping Tigers

Two Dodgers fans sent me some cardboard in the last week, thank you Night Owl

Thank you Jim of gcrl 

Some fine additions to the Tigers collection, now if they would just ship Puig & Kershaw to the Motor City, that'd top it off!

Hot Corner, Pat