Tuesday, January 8, 2013

ROLLLLLLL TIDE!!! We Have A Winner!

In the Innaugural Hot Corner Cards National Championship Giveway your winner, via 2x3 Heroes is Jeff!

Here is the final breakdown:   Alabama 42 Notre Dame 14. ND had 270 yds passing

Jeff - ND 28 Tide 17, 363 yds passing
Spiegel - ND 24 Bama 21, 433 yds passing

In other news I won a orange Gatorade on the game.

Jeff wins on the tiebreak as both guys picked the Irish to win in Miami.  I didn't even make it to kickoff, but did awake after the first score and gave up again by the half thinking "45 more days until spring training!"  

Thanks guys and ROLLLLLL TIDE!

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

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