Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We have smoke!

We have a new Pope, the Argentine, coming out of nowhere, cinderella story, used to be a cardinal, now about to become Master's Champion!

While checking out the coverage this afternoon, I opened up my new Tigers team set won on the bay, to find another kind of smoke.  Smoke saturated penny sleeves, can't really tell if it seeped into the cards.

What a bummer!


Hot on the Corner, pat

UPDATE: When I contacted the seller telling him I just couldn't take the smoke smell and asked for a refund plus shipping, he responded by saying "Aren't you being a little too picky?  Read the agreement, I didn't say I was a smoker....and some other conditions of the sale.....and you are pretty demanding!"

Am I?

I haven't had this experience before, I don't smoke, so the smell may be overwhelming to me.

Live and learn, hope the guy enjoys my $6, plus I had to spot him sixty for not enough postage.

Is it a higher expectation?


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