Sunday, March 17, 2013

How much would you pay?

I was on a freaking eBay binge last weekend.  Stranded without cards, x-box, nothing but basketball on the tv, driving me up the stinkin' walls.

I racked up some buys and completely shot my budget for this whole collecting gig.

So I toned it down this week. Like zero.

The I noticed that several graded 1956 Topps Tigers were on the bay anywhere for $5 to $32 (Kaline), so I waited most of today checking to see what they would go for.

I wanted them ALL!!! Wow that would be slick sitting in my collection!!

So I started pricing it out to get them all on a bidding war and in the end walked away.  How much would you pay for it all?  15 cards?  Graded between 5-7?  What to do?

I am sure the blog-o-sphere is not new to the question : How much would you pay for a card? 

The most I paid was $40 for a Trammell (and Molitor, and did I mention UL Washington?) rookie this January, but that card has history, meaning, value.  It's graded to a 7, my first graded purchase was going to mean something, dammit!

These cards on the bay had very little, outside of the fact they would fulfill the need for more Tigers.  We will meet again, just not tonight.

In the end I may chase the Kaline.

I enjoy the chase as some of you have written, I enjoy the history of the cards (and the game).  If you just go out and rush to gobble it all up, the burn out is coming sooner, than later.  What is the fun if you do have it all?

Tomorrow will be about cards.

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

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  1. I am still yet to exceed $36 on a card. I did bid up to $65 on a Drew Hutchison canary refractor 1/1 from 2012 Bowman Sterling, but I lost.