Sunday, March 31, 2013

Just what the Doctor Ordered...

Doc Holoday that is.  A couple weeks ago the Doc opened up his blog and cards other than Red Sox to the blog-o-sphere for some distribution.  All of this collecting had caught up with him and he needed space for those red stockings and wanted to add some new trade partners.

Give me all your Tigers!!!!

As you know, Tigers are in high demand so Dennis of Too Many Verlanders and I split to pot.

Here are some highlights....

Nice colorful card, why do I always fall for the prospects?  

The $200M dollar man, can you have Too Many Verlanders?

To the Moon!!!

There was more, a lot more!  This was such a great idea that Dennis and I have a trade cookin' and I am sorting through my collection to hopefully have a similar deal come summer.  What a huge help in building my collection and adding more trading friends.  Thank you Doc!!!

Sunday Night Baseball tonight, it cannot be real! Play Ball!!!

I am signing off until Thursday, Mrs. Hot Corner and I are heading to Key West, HOORAY!

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

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