Saturday, March 30, 2013

My first card show in 25 yrs.

Headed down the road this morning to scope out a card show.  Now I cannot think in the last 25 years attending a card show.  I've written before my dad used to take me to St. Gerard in Lansing for John Smoltz show early in his career, so to maintain the integrity of the post let's say 1988 (wait, Smoltzie's rookie Topps was 1989, forget it)

I was pretty pumped to say the least, not really what to expect, the Beckett said about 50T.

It was not 50T.  My so immediatley flocked to the NASCAR table and we got two for $10.

The specific goal of the trip was to get Tigers team sets, and I netted some 2007 and 2008  A&G, 2007 Topps Red, 2012 Gypsey Queen with SPs and inserts.

Not too bad for me, as always... you hope for more people, more dealers, more options.   

HOLY SH!T, little did I notice, I grabbed the 1/1 Gary Sheffield, Perez Original Sketches

Opening Day is happening soon!!!  

Keep it Hot on the corner, pat. 

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