Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trade with the Cardshop

I have failed at some of my goals this 2013, it was imminent.

I had hoped to avoid shipping on ebay: FAIL (really difficult when you're in the groove)

I had hoped to not purchase any cards during Lent: FAIL

I then hoped not to purchase any cards on the bay: FAIL

Then I went nuts this weekend and spluged, sorry dear.

In all of my efforts I did by chance send some of my indulgences out to those who would greatly appreciate the cards better.   I sent Dan over at It's Like Having My Own Cardshop some of my Diamondbacks and he got right back to me with some Tigers to close out the week.

We have been just sending stuff back and forth and his blog has directed me towards some other great traders, like Doc Holoday's blog, he has something special for Team builders so all you out there may want to check this out here.

Gabe Kapler #d 133/2000

Plenty of great stuff, thanks Dan!!!

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

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