Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hoax or History?

I totally dig ESPN's 30 for 30.  I most definitely dig GRANTLAND's work and their 30 for 30 shorts.

Very rarely does collecting make the national news, so here it is to share with the blog-o-sphere.

The film brings up issues with sending cards to grading services: How long do they inspect it?  How valid is the grading?  Is it really worth what it is worth?

I know people who refuse to send anything in the mail to be graded for a variety of reasons.  I think it is a nice feature but is it really worth all the money as a collector to get these cards graded?

Let me know what you think...Here is the film on the T206 Honus Wagner

 Keep it hot on the corner, 


  1. I haven't watched the video but I did read "the card" and would recommmend it for more about the gretzky Wagner, and grading in general. I sent a couple of cards into psa in the early 00's but not since and never again.

  2. That was a great short, I watched it last night. Even though Olbermann is pretty obnoxious, he didn't dial it up too much for this one, so he didn't ruin it. Pretty interesting stuff, I knew about #99 buying it, but didn't know about the controversies that followed.