Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Skeeter from the Buck Store

Doug at Buck Store Cards blog sent me three of the last 2013 Topps I needed along with a whopping good load of Tigers.

I sent him some Blue Jay parallels and a Vladimir Guerrero

Now on to the loot.

He was even kind enough to include, as he said "I've also added 1992 Score #569 Skeeter Barnes into the package as well. Not the most impressive addition, but it was on your list."

Nice, it is impressive to me!!  Not everyday you get a solid Skeeter!

But wait there is more!

Papa Grande!!  This is a chrome red refractor #d 52/75

The Big Potato is sure to find work this season, just a matter of time, just not in Motown.  He had a untouchable 2011, a so-so 2012, and a miserable 2012 playoffs.

Another Papa Grande Parallel - Bowman Stars

This may be my favorite card so far, cool little design.  Flashy.

This kid is all over the place as a top prospect for the Tigers, but where is he going to play?  Hunter, Jackson, Castellanos, Dirks, Garcia, all outfielders.

Some more loot....

And to close, some JV!

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