Sunday, March 31, 2013

Another Starting Lineup

Note---- i was going to send this out before the game Monday ... But I had some travel woes (read: waiting out a bomb situation at detroit metro airport, changing airplanes more than we thought, and arriving in key west at midnight...12 hours later than it's time to relax

This is not a joke, it's Opening Day!!! Wait, the Tigers are opening in Minnesota?  Isn't going to be like 15 degrees there?  This is a joke, Minnesota, snow, ice, penguins, ice?  Guess not.

Many people have the Tigers winning 95+ games this season,  World Series favorite. And it all starts today, in chilly Minnesota.

At least they will end the season with a three game clip in Miami!!!

Leading off....Austin Jackson...developed into a nice leadoff option...should bode well with the addition of a career hitter behind him

The missing link, No.2 Hitter.....Torrii many times the tigers lacked a consistent no.2 hitter ... Raburn didn't work nor infante nor boesch ... Well no one really since polanco...

Mr. Triple Crown, MVP in the D....Miguel Cabrera...enough said...should have a great year with all the pieces around him

The Big Bopper, Prince Fielder...better numbers for sure...

Five Spot, Victor Martinez, the phrase we kept saying in 2012 was "and we get vmart back next year " he may be the final piece to have a special year

Six - Jhonny Peralta, everybody is dogging jhonny like we need to get Stephen drew or another shortstop upgrade... He will get er done

No more automatic outs here...for so long with Adam Everett , Inge , laird etc we had no offense at the bottom... These guys are going to keep the bats swinging

Seven - Andy Dirks or Tui or Don Kelly (for now) if there is a weakness it's here...these guys may just be stopgaps until the kids are ready on the farm

Eight - Alex Avila, love this guy . A true pro...does a lot in the community and just grinds away ... Stay healthy my man

Nine Omar Infante... Great add last year ... The prodigal infielder returned to solidify a position the tigers struggled to fill since placido left for Philly

Play ball

Keep it hot on the corner, pat

Oh yeah, and this guy is slinging the pill on the hill, How about hitting a fastball his fastball in the cool air?


Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

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