Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trading Tuesday Knows BO!

As I was sitting around Saturday after a long day, I remembered the new 30 for 30 after the Heisman would be about the career of Bo Jackson.  Instantly impressed and equally excited to recall I had received a important card (for me) in the mail this past week.

Fittingly, Community Gum had been checking out my blog and let me know not only would he hook me up with his Topps mini Tigers but he would include another Tiger I am happen to be a fan of : BO!

Bo was the man.  No other human being did the stuff that he was able to do.

He was the reason you chose the LA Raiders in TECMO Bowl, he was the reason you watched the KC Royals in the late 1980s, he was the reason they beat Alabama in the Iron Bowl, he was the reason you watched MNF to run over Bosworth, the list goes on and on.  Bo knows....

Thank you Jon for sending me one of the cards I treasured as a youth.  Bo sure doesn't get the respect of other transforming athletes of his time like all time greats Gretzky and Jordan, but his cultural impact is endless.

Keep it hot on the corner. Pat

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