Sunday, December 23, 2012

2,656 Tigers on the wall

Thirty more cards this week.  The holiday season has kept me busy and away from the blog world (which is a good thing.)

First, I received ten 1962 Topps Tigers...I really do like this wood border (as well as 1987 Topps & 2011 Topps Heritage) Something about it, maybe since the wood design is not over done like everything else in society it give some appeal.

Don Wert and Terry Fox also made it into the Nothing But Tigers binder.

Three more Cecil Fielder's made it's way to my door this week.  I always liked Cecil.  My dad took me to the game he hit a homer out of Tigers Stadium.  He ranks 4th All - Time in my collection with a little over 50 cards.  Led the AL in RBIs four years straight.  

Lastly, I picked up some 2008 Upper Deck First Editon and was able to score most of the Tigers sans Inge and Chad Durbin.  Pudge may have been the guy to allow the Tigers to attract better players to Detroit but it was Tiger Killer Magglio Ordonez that in my mind was the difference to being a playoff contender. I was a Magglio believer when the Tigers signed him back in 2005, I bought his jersey and sung his praises prior to 2005, then he hurt missed the season with illness and injury, and everyone around me let me hear it: what a waste!  But I kept on believing that Maggs was the difference maker.  Later in 2006, When he hit the ball "way back" to send the Tigers to the World Series, I felt absolute joy, he did it. Don't stop believin'

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good Hot Corner Night!

Keep it hot on the corner....pat

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