Monday, December 10, 2012

2,618 Tigers on the Wall

The Hot Stove was blazing on Hot Corner Cards....A week of blockbuster trades catapulted the Tigers collection forward by about 50 cards.  The off-season keeps getting better with trades a online finds.

Grand total of Tigers is inching closer to Robert at $30 A Week Habit and his Blue Jays collection.  Not even close to the 14,000 Phillies.

2x3 Heroes came through with a big stash of Tigers, which I highlighted on Tuesday.  But he also threw in some Trammell's that I did not have, can you ever have enough Trammell?  Thanks for the trade plug.  We got another in the hopper 2008 A&G for EVERY TIGER he owns (you will have mail Wednesday!)

Wilkin Ramirez 2010 Bowman Chrome Prospects X Fractor Green

Funner Here provided another nice quick trade of some Tigers for some Halladay's, mostly impressed with the low numbered (194) Hank Greenberg.  She's looking for some more trading partners, look her up!

Community Gum hooked me up with a pile of 2012 Topss Minis for some Tony Gwynn's (you will have mail Wednesday, too!)

$30 A Week Habit put another plug for the Hot Corner today, it's good to have trading partners! Thanks Robert!

The excitement keeps the hobby going by actively seeking other trades, the web makes the world smaller to find product and send to others.  I am very satisfied with this week's work, er, hobby work.

Thanks to all!

Keep it Hot on the corner.  Pat.

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