Thursday, December 6, 2012

Trading Tuesday (a day late and a dollar short)

A couple days late but I have been trading away with baseball fans out there.

Just like the Hot Stove League right now in MLB, collectors are dying for some action and trading is feeding the desire.

What started out as a simple plain white enveleope trade for three update cards turned into a huge a deal with 2x3 Heroes that included my stash of 2007 Allen & Ginter for quite a few '12 Topps Update (only need 3 more cards to finish the base!) and plenty of Tigers.

A couple of Trammell's, a Verlander,

The heart of the deal was a 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Miguel Cabrera mini black relic (say that ten times fast)

This was a great swap and we're going to do another real soon for 2008 A&G, I am sure for some Tigers.  I am sure it is easy for a guy from Chicago to part with Detroit cards as it is for me to give away White Sox.

As they are saying in Nashville, a trade that benefits both squads.

I want to thank Robert at $30 A Week Habit for keeping up with all the things I have been sending his way and the plug he gave me on his site, maybe even forced trades.  I found a Joe Sakic RC in the bin at my LCS for a small price and knew $30 A Week could take it in.  His blog is great and his insanity collection has spawned my own which I will share later this week.

Keep it hot on the corner, Pat

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