Saturday, December 1, 2012

if (I won $550 million dollars!)

When I drive by any lottery billboard for about the next minute I think of all the things I could do with that sum of money.  Obviously, lack of debt would be one.  A house, swimming pool, a fast car, kids college paid for, the usual items.

What would I have done had I won the $550 million dollars on Wednesday night?

I am sure I would go straight to purchase every Alan Trammell card. Only 1,023 cards or 88.5% to go.

Then secure every Tigers card.  Then open my own card shop downtown.

A warm island for the wife, complete with Derek Jeter.

Luxury box next Justin Verlander's at Comerica (and Kate Upton would just happen to be there too)

Billboards with the face and resume of Trammell near the home of every HOF voter encouraging their support.

Tackle every MLB stadium.

But, my 8 picks didn't come up my way.

So it's back to a simpler plan of attack in collecting and enjoying life!

Keep it hot on the corner.


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