Monday, October 8, 2012

While you were out...

I have been using my free time to put together a 1986 Topps set.  Out of a possible 2,000 card vending box, I am down to 8 cards in need (really 5 as I set them down somewhere and cannot find them...see this blog)

Stacked with all kinds of Hall of Famers (Ripken, Ryan, Henderson, Seaver, Carlton, Murray, Brett, Schmidt, Reggie, Sandberg, Dawson, Molitor, Yount, Rose...wait not Rose)  This was a good set to have, tough to keep mint with the black top border.  Again it was important to me as this was the first year I started collecting. 

But even the guys who had great careers in the 1980s and 1990s.  Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry, Joe Carter, Tim Raines, Ozzie Guillen RC, all kinds of semi-stars in this batch.  

This is why I am also in favor of the Topps Archives, I am hopeful that Topps will include more 1986 style next edition.

By the way, Game 1 in Detroit was awesome.  Verlander was filthy and the playoff atmosphere downtown was electric.  Too bad MLB Network had Game 2 for another outstanding game.

Let's get some trades going!

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  1. I hope they include the '86 cards in next year's Archives as well, I really like this set. I started collecting in '92, so even though those aren't as good looking as the '86 set, there's still the nostalgia factor for me, so it'd be cool (but unlikely) to see those as well.