Thursday, October 4, 2012

Leave it on the counter...

I have this tendency to forget the obvious. Call it absent minded, forgetful, Attention Deficit, whatever. Ask my wife, siblings, in-laws, co-workers, relatives, it is real.  Keys, wallet, glasses, money, tickets, bottle slips, the list goes on and on. On three occasions this fall I have purchased multiple items at card stores and left them some behind on the counter.  In Traverse City it was 4 boxes of top loaders.  In Mason it has been loose cards.  I am sure these owners don't mind holding on to these items because they know more than likely I will just be back to spend even more money and possibly, leave something on the corner.

I am really excited about these Vending Boxes of 1986 Topps and putting my set together.  1986 Topps was my first set of packs I collected and I can't think of one player that stood out or as to why this particular set is important, but nonetheless, I am very pumped to put it together.  I am pretty sure this was the first team set that I ever had and that we got at a card show, most likely at the one John Smoltz used to appear at for St. Gerard's in Lansing.

Reluctantly, I bought the new November Beckett with Mike Trout on the front.

Miguel Cabrera for MVP!

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