Sunday, October 14, 2012

Down & Out

I have struggled being consistent with this blogging experience.

First, I am too distracted with the MLB playoffs to keep up with my cards & thoughts on collecting.

I have been putting together this set of 1986 Topps baseball for maybe two weeks and was down to the last 20 some cards, then 10, then 5, then 3.  The particular three I was looking for were the Turn Back the Clock of Fernando Valenzuela and Tom Seaver, and the Record Breaker Tony Perez that I had set aside to keep crisp when I opened the first 500 cards from the vending box.  I know of I have them, I got to finish this set.

Additionally, I read out in the blogosphere that the 1986 set is the worst!  Come on, completley original, lots of great stars, maybe a little tough to keep in good condition with the Black top border, but still the worst?  I may be biased as this was the first set I collected as a kid.

I have wrote before on how I just mindlessly will set things down and the minutes, hours, days later have a desperate search for the missing items.  Where could they be?

So I stay up all night Wednesday to watch the Tigers lose.  Bummer.

I am so nervous (or wiped out from a 1 AM finish the night before) for Game 5, I fall asleep a half hour before game time.  I wake up to find Verlander is epic.

Last night, staying up until midnight to see Papa Grande, Big Potato blow another tough game, I fall asleep.

I awake to find that indeed the Tigers did win in 12, Delmon Young sure is growing his Free Agent share for this off-season!  Not only that but the The Captain, Number 2, Derek Jeter, has broke his ankle and is out for the playoffs.  Not that I would cheer for anyone to get injured, but this helps out the Motown Kitties in more ways than one.

Feeling a little better, I look down on my desk, and right there are the three cards: Perez, Valenzuela and Seaver.  

Set complete!  This week wasn't so bad after all.

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