Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Great Debate

As many of our political leaders prepare for night one of the debate series as to whom should run the free world, many other scholarly men are debating as the baseball season winds down who should reign as the Most Valuable Player.

Just as in politics, there are two camps.  You have Miggy versus Trout.  Angels v Tigers, West v East, Sabremetrics versus RBI, HR, AVG, old school versus new school.

Here is my should be Cabrera.  It should have been Cabrera in 2010.   Cabrera is the best baseball player on the planet.  He will have the first triple crown in almost 50 years, his team made the playoffs amid horrendous scrutiny, he plays almost everyday, he has a bad ankle, all he has done is get to game 162 and stands atop all the MAJOR categories, and still played this well after a position change.

Is Mike Trout amazing? Yes.

Did he energize the Angels season in May? Yes

Is he the MVP?  No

Here is my other take....why can't Cabrera get the love from Beckett?  Beckett has had Trout on the last two covers (OCT & NOV), no love for Miggy.  Trout is listed everywhere.  For the most part Cabrera is listed at the end as an UNLISTED STAR.  Holy smokes! What does this guy have to do to get some love from Beckett?

This is what is great about sports and our country is that it brings out the best arguments and ideas.  So tonight, check out the debate and make decisions for yourself.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere!! Looking forward to what you have to say about our great hobby