Saturday, October 6, 2012

Topps Update Series...Wow!

I must have addiction problems, I walk in to the Lansing Mall with my youngest and we wait around for the card shop to open, we just want to look.  My son terrorizes the store.

I was wanting to get some Topps Update this week to check it out and so I decided to get 2 Jumbo packs.

Some great pulls for a baseball freak.

Justin Verlander All-Star and a Drew Smyly RC, perfect start for the Tigers fan.  Ichiro in a new uniform, nice.  Chris Sale, Mike Trout, McCutcheon, Darvish, Trumbo All-Stars, nice. Mike Trout All-Star Gold Paralel, even better.  I may be re-entering the hobby and this may just an average day for some, but I was completely satisfied with these packs.

I want to thank Richard at $30 A Week Habit for being the first to comment on my blog.  I am hoping to set up a big Jays for Tigers trade with him in the future.
The other nice thing is he gave some big love to Miguel Cabrera in his latest blog.

The wife and I are headed to Motown this afternoon to catch the Tigers v. A's.

Check some things off the bucket list tonight

  • Home playoff game for Tigers
  • Justin Verlander pitching
  • Miguel Cabrera first appearance as the triple crown winner

UPDATE: see what others had to say about Update here

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