Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tiger Mania!

I have always been a Tigers fan.  I remember the 1984 series, I read every page of  Bless You Boys at age 6, I am a die hard Alan Trammell fan, I was there was they lost almost every game in 2005 and have been reaping the benefits of the last few years.

I loved the Cabrera trade, so what if we had to ear Dontrelle's salary!  We got the best player in baseball for Cameron Maybin, Andrew Miller, and two others ( two top prospects, but have now became average players for different teams)

I was disappointed initially with the Granderson trade, but look at the pieces we have now because of it...Coke, Scherzer, Jackson.  Ask the Indians if they could hit three quality starters out of a trade for an All-Star Centerfielder rather than TWO CY YOUNG WINNERS!

That is why the Turner deal, I didn't fret about it.  Sanchez has been tough down the stretch and Infante is a clear upgrade from the carousel of Raburn, Santiago, Worth and others since Polanco went to Philadelphia.

I have almost 1,400 Tigers cards!  Which makes about 10% of my entire collection, about double of any other team.   It's the history of the Tigers unfolded into cards across time.  Chet Lemon, Frank Tanana, Walt Terrell, Dave Bergman, Mike Heath and countless others make up the team and collection.  Can't get enough of those Tigers.

I am going to make a bar in my man cave with all of my extras around the entire deal.

The upcoming series is going to be great --- no matter if it is the Cardinals or Giants.  I hope we can get another crack at the all-time rival Cardinals.


As I sat down to draft this blog before the series, I was at an all-time high...the Tigers in the World Series!

We had our pitching all set up and all we had to do was score runs.

And that is what has not happened Games 1, 2, or 3.

Game 4 is tonight and I am going to cheer for my hometown team, win or lose...we have had a great season.

Eat 'em Tigers!

Keep it hot on the corner.

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