Thursday, February 14, 2013

Page Worthy

I always favored top loaders for cards.  More secure. Maybe because when I was a kid all I used was pages and inevetibly my more "valuable" cards would become damaged, dented, destroyed.

Most of my Tigers are in top loaders and in 3,200 count boxes.  However, at about the turn of the new year I started getting on a binder page kick.  First was to organize my football cards, then the Nothing But Tigers binder, then another binder for 2012 Update, 1985 Topps, and finally 1984 Topps.  The urge kept growing adding another binder of Tigers that were smaller or incomplete team sets.

Where is this all going?

I have another binder with 100 pages ready for something.  Now it's a matter of filling it up.

I have decided to start collecting individuals and placing them in the binder.

Chad Billingsley (a former student of mine and his brother was my college teammate) is the first inductee (to borrow a phrase from Dime Box).

Now, I am having a hard time deciding who will be next?  Curtis Granderson ?  Rickey Henderson? Cameron Maybin? Jacob Turner?

For certain there will be Griffey, Jr. Mariners cards.

Part of me wants to keep the cards I have stored away in top loaders in a box on a shelf and part of me wants to put them in the binder and enjoy from time to time.

Roger Clemens was another fave player from my youth, but I am not inspired to put him in the binder.  Frank Thomas, Chipper Jones, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, too.

I had quite a large Biggio collection that will find it's way in soon.  Loved how he broke in as a catcher.

How do you decide if they are page worthy?  Dime Box?  Anybody?  I guess it's a matter of preference and style.

Now that I got to thinking there are plenty of guys wandering around my boxes....

John Smoltz - my all time favorite, from Lansing area, would hold a card show and baseball clinic every winter, I used to play on the field he funded at St Gerard in Lansing, the Tiger that got away!  

I guess you gotta go with what you like and enjoy.

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

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