Monday, February 25, 2013

4 Cards Away

I am four cards away and I turn to the blogosphere for some assistance in completing 2013 Topps Series One.... I will gladly help you out via trade.

167 Luke Hochever
188 Brian Fuentes
212 Eric Chavez
262 Kevin Correia

I have plenty of 2013 inserts, paralells, die-cuts, minis to send your way!!!

Keep it hot on the corner, pat.

UPDATE : Less than 12 hours of this posting, I have trades in the works to complete my '13 series 1 set.



  1. I've got all but #262. I can PWE them to you.

  2. PS: I also came across the O'Neal/Gruber from your Tigers wantlist. That can go in the package too.

    Contact me at: (Turn X to G)

  3. I've got Correia...about 3 of them.