Monday, February 4, 2013

Nothing But Tigers : Page 2 Complete

Will upgrade this photo for sure.

This week page 2 of the Nothing But Tigers binder.  

19 - Scott Livingston - 1994 Topps - Mr. Livingston I presume?  Yeah this guy was a Mr. Everything for us for a while, expectations like Fryman but probably more like Raburn.

20 - Chet Lemon - 1985 O-Pee Chee - I got a ton of these cards in a Tigers quarter box this summer.  One had to end up in the binder for sure.  I wrote about Chet in Detroit on the last binder page.

21- Magglio Ordonez - 2010 Upper Deck Tape Measure Shots - One of my favorite Tigers gets an insert card in the binder.  Cool.

22  - Alan Trammell - 1988 Donruss All-Star - All Time Favorite gets an All Time pass into the binder, no questions asked, no limit.  1987 was maybe one of his finest seasons that garners Trammell to be displayed on plenty of cardboard in 1988

23 - Alan Trammell - 1985 Fleer - This was one of the heavily worn cards that I was able to upgrade in the new collection.  I am sure one of these Trammell's will get swapped out in the future, but this one is a fave.

24 - Detroit Tigers - 2011 Topps Heritage - I love these types of cards, there should be more of these to round out a team set.

25 - Delmon Young - 2012 Topps Heritage - What a slick card!  Young's heroics helped out in two post seasons, but inconsistency and off the field problems made his way out of town a little easier.  It's tough to get multiple Young cards in the binder with his relatively short stay.  Another note he made $6 million with the Tigers last year and will make about $750,000 with the Phillies, OUCH!

26 - Tony Clark - 1997 Bowman's Best - Tony the Tiger was a solid contributor for many years with the Tigers for a long time he was our only best player.  

27 - Champ Summers - 1981 Topps - This is a DP run of cards, I have this card pouring out of my boxes.  Everyone that has some 1981 has a Champ Summers card.  

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  1. Scott Livingstone and Champ Summers, two guys that played in San Diego and Detroit! I was a big Livingstone fan as a kid.