Monday, February 4, 2013

3,670 Tigers on the wall

I was miserably sick the last week which kept me on the bench in terms of writing but thanks to those who updated blogs that nursed me back to health.

I snagged some Topps '13 this week and while I am not completely sold on collecting the flagship this year something keeps me wanting to get to the store and rip open some packs.

This week on eBay I found some 1981 Tigers needed to complete the team set.

All of these old school designs are appealing to me lately, for no real reason as these are the scarcest of my collection.

Trammell of the week was the Fleer Superstar Trammell's that came in massive bulk (21 to count), let me know if you want one.  This card is really sharp, as I do like what Fleer was doing in this era.  Looking close to 170 different Trammell's in the collection, with two more early 1980s O-Pee-Chee on the way in the coming days.

The fun part of the week is my three year old starting to discover unopened packs and for the two of us to open a pack and start the hobby all over with him.

I really have got behind on the Nothing But Tigers binder, but it has 3 pages completed so far, slowly but surely.

More cards coming this week

Keep it Hot on the Corner.

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