Saturday, December 28, 2013

ReCount: 7,649

Did you ever see Mr 3,000?  

The whole gig is Bernie Mac had 3,000 hits, allegedly, upon a recount, he was somewhat short and returns the bigs to hit the immortal hit threshold.  It's worth a rainy Saturday afternoon.
Cards featured are more highlights from Johnny's Trading Spot

How it relates to the Hot Corner, is that my database deceived me, I was using an inflated number for my Tigers on the Wall, I was about 100 shy, I had some dupes in there, counting my flagship sets and teams set twice.

So here we are on the edge of 2013, tipping in to 2014 and we're sitting on 7,649 Tigers on the Wall.

The unofficial blog team standings

14kPhillies ....Phillies......... 16,000+
Night Owl ....Dodgers........Too Many to Count
Wrigley Wax ...Cubs..........11.947 
Hot Corner...Tigers..... 7, 649

I am sure I forgot someone ahead of me.

This collecting year I was able to double my collection fairly easily, now it's getting tough to keep up with that early pace.  We'll see if I crack 10,000 by the end of 2014 (surely chasing parallel sets helps)

Here is a recap of December/November -

Big Wheel & Pudge from Trading Spot

New MLBPA President Tony "the Tiger" Clark
NBT #730

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