Thursday, May 30, 2013

Opening Day Blues

I went snooping for some Archives in the hopes it had been delivered to retail stores sooner that the LCS.


So I settled for some Opening Day jumbo packs.  I have been seeing these blue parallels and these suckers are slick!!!

A nice pull for the Tigers fan, along with the big three from the D.  Opening Day is what it is, but I am going to chase all those slick blue parallels, I am telling you!

I am going to have to find some time to get over to the LCS this weekend and get some Archives, the cards look great!!! Send those blue babies this way, I will reward you greatly!

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

All Over But the Crying...

The Quest to 6.000 is closing to an end.

With about 180 to go, I stumbled upon the exclusive Detroit Tigers 2008 Team Gift Set including 55 Tigers. The loaded the Auto collection with a Leaf Signature Cut Dual Auto of THE #3 Alan Trammell and THE BEST BASEBALL PLAYER OF OUR GENERATION Miguel Cabrera.

I haven't jumped into group breaks yet, but noticed a four box hobby break of 2013 Bowman on the bay and swooped up the Tigers, the loot arrived today, netting at least 3 team sets of base & prospects. SLICK!

Then, noticed this at the end....


Finally, I had decided when I was within 130 cards I would purchase the 1981 Detroit News 100 Years of Tiger baseball set.  So that is on it's way.

Now what to do?  6,000 was a mere goal to attain before October and I have been sidetracked a tad from staying the course of focus (and budget) and need to get back to basics.  Quality v Quantity.  I am going to spend some more time cataloging the collection, highlighting some great Tigers and careers. 

The splurge of the summer will be over with Archives (tomorrow, I can't freakin' wait!) and Series 2 coming out soon. We'll cool it down on the Hot Corner in terms of spending, but time spent with what I have will be well spent!

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Callin' All Panini Cooperstown

Hey you people, I need some help, 2012 Panini Cooperstown, that is.

To be exact....

#1 Ty Cobb, #31 Harry Heilmann, #41 Mickey Cochrane, #95 Hal Newhouser, #167 Hank Greenberg SP

Just a handful of HOFers, I will make it worth your while.

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat

Monday, May 20, 2013

Night Owl Therapy

I was pretty down after shelling out several dollars for Gypsy Queen with no Tigers in sight.

Forsaking any other Night Owl swoops out of the shadows and send me a care package chock full of new Tigers, warming my cold streak.

He leaves the comment "There will be a GQ Tiger headed your way next week. "

And  lo and behold a smile....thanks Night Owl!!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Two for the Show, 5,767

Slow week, creeping toward the goal!

Cecil, all-time faves, accidentally sent this out in a trade had to get some more.  Loaded up on a lot of 9 from the bay, should you need one, it's just a PWE away.

This guy keeps growing on me.  Brings my inFECTious collection of Mr. Almost Perfect to three.  Still need a patch and a 1/1.  TOUGH!!!!

Will kick it up a notch next week, for sure.

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Directions

It's funny where this hobby will take you.

I mentioned recently I shifted focus for a bit to get three pages full of the 24 players to hurl perfect games.   The task was very hard ---- even though shopping on  the bay is bound to get pricey.  Though I was able to nab these for under $30.

These are some GREAT, SLICK cards!  The Larsen is more well loved than pictured.

So there it is minus the Monte Ward, which will soon find it's way to a binder.

I am sure I have some vintage admirers and this task has peaked my interest in working on some more sets.

Chris Olds wrote in a recent Beckett that it is the "fun that brings value". I couldn't say I expected to purchase a Larsen or Koufax of vintage years but the fun in completing this minor set made it reasonable, affordable, and fun!

Keep it Hot on the Corner, Pat

Monday, May 13, 2013

5,766 Tigers on the Wall

WOW!  I have been slowing down a tad on the intake of Tigers into the personal collection and shifted this week, in classic ADD fashion (I tend to be distracted easily), to the Perfect Game, which by the end of the night should be in the books!

I bumped into a retired teacher this week who happens to run an antique shop in our town and mentioned he had cards.

I thought "You have cards? You have cards!"  Shuttled on down to the shop and bust through a ton of junk wax, now I know how Dime Box Nick feels hittin' up all those flea markets.

I scored these two from the Class of 1988 set, the Trammell is considerably well loved and in need of an upgrade, but #3 hit 233 cards in the personal collection this week, surely to get to 250 by June!

I saw Chris Olds (Beckett's writer, duh) commenting on how people could have lost tons of coin on investing in Matt Nokes AUTO rookies had they been available back in the day.  Oh, the glory of the lat 80s!  What about Kevin Maas?

Gehringer's hometown is just down the road, rocked these two out of the nickel box.

See.....I walked away last night during the White Sox game and am now finishing this at quarter to seven.

Keep it hot on the corner, pat.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Mr. Perfect

Inspired by a recent E:60 segment on the men who have thrown the Perfect game and some recent thoughts on boosting the personal collection in the spirit of Dime Box Nick I have started to dedicate three pages for such a feat.

I tried to match to moment with the year and Topps card the game was perfect unless otherwise noted.

So far....
  1. Lee Richmond 1880 (2011 TriStar Obek)
  2. Monte Ward 1880
  3. Cy Young 1904 
  4. Addie Joss 1908 (2011 Panini Cooperstown)
  5. Charlie Robertson Apr 30, 1922 (SP)
  6. Don Larsen 1956
  7. Jim Bunning 1964
  8. Sandy Koufax 1965
  9. Catfish Hunter 1968 (2013 Topps Gypsy Queen)
  10. Len Barker 1981
  11. Mike Witt 1984
  12. Tom Browning 1988
  13. Dennis Martinez 1991
  14. Kenny Rogers 1994
  15. David Wells 1998
  16. David Cone 1999
  17. Randy Johnson 2004
  18. Mark Buerhle 2009
  19. Dallas Braden 2010
  20. Roy Halladay 2010
  21. Phil Humber 2012
  22. Matt Cain 2012
  23. Felix Hernandez 2012
The cards in bold are the ones I have found (just need the Monte)

I am sure most of you are aware of another person who is considered Mr. Almost Perfect, but he will get his own page and post sometime soon!

It's been fun to break up some monotony in collecting just the Tigers and add some variety or spice of life or whatever you call it to the personal collection.

Should you wish to help me out with a trade, feel free.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thank you Jaybarker!

Wes from Jaybarker Junk sent me some items this past weekend to boost the old numbers getting closer to the 6,000 mark.

I sent him some Vintage he swapped me some Tigers.  Just another trade the benefits both squads.

This was the centerpiece of the deal, a slick Gibby relic.  Which to borrow another collection idea I started compiling my INFECTIOUS collection, check out the page, do it, and then keep reading.

Yeah, this guy is on pace for 170+ RBIs

If you don't have a Paul Gibson, you're missing out, and if you don't have multiple Paul Gibson's you just dont understand
Jaybarker's taking a rest for now, but I hope to see him back soon, thanks brother.

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

Queen Me!

I don't mean to give off the impression that I am a whiner.  That because I hit a dry spell or don't get my way I pout....Night Owl was quick to offer some encouragement right after my last post about giving up on Gypsy Queen due to lack of Tigers.

Today the old mail box contained the master set of 2013 Gypsey Queen Tigers, to squash any other inklings to rip through any more Queen, so I don't feel like I am getting ripped off.

Now this is something I can get in to!  Look at the graceful Prince, hustling in to second, slick.

Another slick insert of JV, so close to another this past Sunday against the Quad A Astros.

One of my all-time favorites in HOF George Kell, legendary, he was the play by play man for the Tigers when I was growing up, legendary.  And another who I am hoping will become a long time favorite although the outfield is getting even more crowded by the day.

Only missing a few of the SP variations and we'll call it good.

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Done with the Queen

After a rack pack, a blaster and three packs, 2013 Gypsy Queen, I am through.

Call it a slump, a gambler's luck, cold streak, a Brandon Inge miracle.  I have netted less than I expected in Tigers.  The only reasonable thing to do than to keep blowin' money and rippin' packs was to find the master set on the bay and call it good.

The Cecil above, a George Kell mini, and the Justin Verlander Dealin' Aces is all I can show for my efforts.

So sad, too bad.

The leftovers will find their way to proper homes.

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

Friday, May 3, 2013

For the Love of New Zealand!!!

I bought a box of 1991 Pro Set Desert Storm and all I need is #39 New Zealand.

If you want to set up a PWE for this card let me know!!! Leave a commet or email me at bp_weber5 AT HOTMAIL DOT COM

5,683 Tigers on the Wall

It's been awhile...

Many things have led to a brief hiatus from the blogging world. First, you have to keep up with the stacks.  Generosity has runneth over in my mailbox.  I finally got through my cardshow finds and birthday haul (I also turned 33).

Which leads to today where I have nothing to do but sort two hefty stacks into top loaders and file appropriately in the personal collection.

Started catalouging my autos & memorabilia cards.  Attempting to hit a small goal of 1% of the collection for those kinds.

A shout out to Pat Neshek of the Oakland A's as he sent me two autos and a stack of  '13 Topps for our TTM.  If you haven't checked out his site do so here.

Trammell of the week, well over 220 cards now, plenty more to obtain, but scored this one at the last show.

Jeff from 2x3 Heroes has had some pretty weird luck in trades lately, I mistakingly sent his package to North Dakota and sent him a package for Ryan over at Building a Better Collection.  YIKES! Sounds like they worked it out, I owe both of them, but Jeff was able to send me some 2012 Topps Opening Day to finish off my team set.  Thanks Jedi Jeff.

Looking to pickup some steam heading into the better weather!

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.