Here is a list of trades that I have completed with other bloggers and what they had to say about the Hot Corner.


1. Carlos Guillen, 2009 UPPER DECK X #34,  NIGHT OWL
2. Yoenis Cespedes, 2012 Topps Update 1987 Mini, 2x3 Heroes
3. Miguel Cabrera/Vladimir Guerrero, 2010 Topps Update, Nolan's Dugout


  1. Highly Subjective & Completley Arbitrary A Frozen Rope from the Hot Corner
  2. This Way to the Clubhouse Three Cards from the Hot Corner
  3. It's Like Having My Own Cardshop A Box of Cards from The Hot Corner


  1. Night Owl Cards What You Need
  2. Baseball Cards Come to Life Yankees Team Lot from the Hot Corner
  3. Off Hiatus Baseball A PWE From the Hot Corner
  4. $30 A Week Habit A Great Card State
  5. Remember the Astrodome Trading From the Hot Corner
  6. It's Like Having My Own Cardshop A PWE From Hot Corner Cards
  7. $30 A Week Habit Two for the Price of One & A Quarter
  8. This Way to the Clubhouse Opening Day '65
  9. Nachos Grande Hot Corner Sends Reds
  10. $30 A Week Habit Another Handful Off the List
  11. "O No!" Not Another Orioles Blog Trade w/ Hot Corner
  12. Johnny's Trading Spot Sunday Shoutouts
  13. It's Like Having My Own Cardshop Cards from Hot Corner Pt 1
  14. It's Like Having My Own Cardshop Cards from Hot Corner Pt 2 
  15. $30 A Week Habit Holding Tight So Far
  16. 2x3 Heroes USPS Slowing Down
  17. Nachos Grande Delivery Time!
  18. $30 A Week Habit Mini, Giant, regular
  19. 2x3 Heroes Pack Wars: Hot Corner v. Junior Junkie
  20. $30 A Week Habit Another Handful Off the List
  21. $30 A Week Habit 48895 

  1. $30 A Week Habit Doing My Part to Help USPS
  2. Nachos Grande Delivery Time!
  3. All the Way to the Backstop A Pair of PWEs Pt 2
  4. This Way to the Clubhouse Holy Cow-gill (Again?)
  5. $30 A Week Habit Serial Insanity #1002
  6. 2x3 Heroes Who Did It Better?
  7. $30 A Week Habit Seeing Double
  8. Red Sox Fan in Nebraska A Big Thank You
  9. Play at the Plate Tiger Mania
  10. TribeCards Cards from the Hot Corner!
  11. Nachos Grande Hot Cards from Hot Corner: Top 10
  12. Red Sox in Nebraska Huge Catchup w/ HCC
  13. gcrl Two Garvey's--- Moments in Time (!)
  14. Night Owl Making Sure it's Dead
  15. Swing & A Pop Up Trade w/ HCC
  16. Dime Box Catching Up (!)
  17. 30 Year Old Cardboard HCC Sends 3 Giancarlo Stanton's
  18. It's Like Having My Own Cardshop PWE: HCC pt 2
  19. It's Like Having My Own Cardshop pwe from HCC
  20. 2x3 Heroes CSI: PWE (!)
  21. $30 Week Habit Unexpected Gold
  22. This Way to the Clubhouse If Wright is Wrong, than I don't want to be right
  23. PWE from Pat
  24. $30 A Week Habit Cut to the Chase w/ RA Dickey
  25. $30 A Week Habit You Wonder if Chicago Knew Something
  26. Wrigley Wax Goodies from Fellow Bloggers
  27. 2x3 Heroes - A Trade in Four Parts (!)
    1. Part 1
    2. Laying One Down
    3. Double Trouble
    4. The rest
  28. 30 Year Old Cardboard Giancarlo Stanton 2013 Topps Archives (I sent him this one!)
  29. $30 Week Habit Almost Counts
  30. This Way to the Clubhouse This-n-That
  32. PWE from the Hot Corner
  33. gcrl Cards from the Hot Corner
  34. Jaybarker's A Hot Package from the Hot Corner
  35. Mail Week: Day One Hot Corner Cards
  36. "O No!" Not Another Orioles Blog - Trade w/Pat Hot Corner Cards
  37. This Way to the Clubhouse...Show & Tell
  38. It's Like Having My Own Cardship Trade w/Hot Corner
  39. Sportscards from the Dollar Store Trade w/ Hot Corner
  40. 2x3 Heroes Another Great Mail Week!!!
  41. All the Way to the Backstop Cards from the Great Lake State
  42. It's Like Having my own card shop PWE from the Hot Corner
(!) = A Tale of Three PWEs

  1. Community Gum I Love Collecting!!
  2. Jaybarker's Junk Hot Vintage from the Hot Corner!!!
  3. Thorzul Will Rule Trade Me Anything VI - 14
  4. "O No!" Not Another Orioles Blog - Trade w/ Patrick of Hot Corner Cards.
  5. Building A Better Collection - Trade w/ The Hot Corner
  6. Garvey, Cey, Russell, Lopes -  Double Plays from the Hot Corner
  7. 2x3 Heroes   Some trades just never end...
  8. It's Like Having My Own Card Shop   Trade with The Hot Corner
  9. Dime Boxes --- The Low End Baseball Card Collector's Journey    Its Not Over Yet!
  10. Backstop Cards  Trade from the Hot Corner
  11. $30 A Week Habit  The Signature & The Shaker

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