Wednesday, July 31, 2013

6,723 Tigers on the Wall

Tigers on the wall started as a weekly update of the Tigers I had accumulated throughout the week.  I think I am going to stretch it out for the month to keep track how the PC is progressing.

TRAMMELL OF THE MONTH:  We're now at 245 of the most treasured Shortstop in Detroit history.  I must say I have gotten away from collecting #3 and have been chasing team sets this year.

PWE MVP:  2x3 Heroes and I keep swapping envelopes and he sent in a lottery winner this week boosting Tigers totals with almost every card.

I love these CyberStats cards...said it before, but these are slick!

TEAM SET COMPLETIONS: climbing towards 150 team sets, crushed some set needs this month.

Good old Tony Phillips finishes up the master set of 1990 Upper Deck, he was hiding in my duplicate box of all places!

My kids new favorite card, Opening Day base set checked off the list.

Trading Card History Chrome

2006 Bowman Heritage 

Goodbye AVI!

My favorite prospect sent away to the dreaded White Sox, although Iglesias will definitely be a significant upgrade and help any potential loss due to the looming Jhonny Peralta PED suspension.  

Hope everyone enjoys the National, not going to make it this year, there's always next year, right?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Twilight Tigers

Going through my old Tigers collections, it appears most of the late 1990s and early 2000s were a final resting place for those stars finishing out their careers.  Many of these guys I collected and enjoyed watching.  Because of the 1994 strike, I walked away from baseball so this is relatively new information to me that the Tigers at one time had these former stars on the roster.  I had been kicking around the title for this post like "We had these guys?"

Rondell was a huge part of the Expos success in the late 1990s, picking up his first full season in 1995 playing in Montreal for eight seasos, He would land with the Cubs, Yankees, Padres, and Royals before finding his was to Detroit for the 2003 and 2004 seasons.  This guy was quick and recall great defense more than the offense, but still, we had this guy?

With the Tigers, Rondell hit remarkably well on a bad (72-90) team ,  .270/19HR & .313/12 HR respectively.  White would head to Minnesota for two more seasons before retiring after the 2005 season.

We had Rondell White? Yeah, right?

Keep it Hot on the Corner, Pat.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Another Jose, Please!

Tigers just added Houston closer Jose Veras to shore up the bullpen!

This after Octavo Dotel, Jose Valverde (the sequel), Phil Coke, Bruce Rondon (part 1), Al Albuquerque couldn't get the job done consistently.

Detroit adds Veras, where almost 4 seasons ago, the Tigers signed Papa Grande as a free agent from the Astros.

This is the only card I have of Veras, and it appears he may get a Zero Year card w/ the Astros due to nothing in any Topps brand for 2013 so far, thus --- Update more than likely with having Veras sporting the Olde English D.

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Chasing the Blue Tigers

It's Opening Day all over again!

I am a sucker for sales and Target has Opening packs and jumbos for HALF off!  I loaded up, buying out two stores (what do teachers do in the summer?).  Not that I necessarily need to add another Topps set for this year, I made a huge dent in the 220 count collection, needing only around 24 more.

Shockingly, the ones I need most are Tigers!

But the deep blue parallels to me are real slick, I want all those blue Tigers!!!

I have plenty of dupes to send your way should you be working on this one or want some for your team sets.

Check out my want list.

UP FOR TRADE --- Only a PWE away!

BALLPARK FUN: Andrus, Barney, Chapman, Price (x2)
BLUE: Ryan Howard, Alex Rodriguez, Bartolo Colon,
PLAY HARD: Ruiz, Pujols, Posey, Gordon, Mauer, Molina
SUPERSTAR CELEBRATIONS: Butler, Morneau (x2), Olt, Reddick (x2), Soriano, Stanton, Werth, Willingham (x2)
STARS: Josh Hamilton, Buster Posey
TEAM MASCOT CARDS: Mets (x2), Twins(x2), Blue Jays, Indians, Reds,White Sox, Rockies

Every request includes a complimentary Ryan Braun '13 Topps Opening Day #8 card!

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

Monday, July 22, 2013

the OTHER shoe box

Long before this recent PED scandal, I have advocated for the PED guys to be included in the Hall of Fame, I grew up with the big boppers and power pitchers through the late 1980s through the 1990s.

It's apart of the history, it should be acknowledged in it's history, no asterik or footnote needed --- just another chapter.

BUT, I am going start moving these guys (Bonds, Canseco, McGwire, Braun, ARod, Clemens) into a separate shoe box, for whatever reason.  I am not mad about the whole deal and the chaos it wreaks on recent success stories (Chris Davis) or the past, which MLB treasures.  So there they will be, treated all the same just in it's own perspective.

I have just had enough of the PED saga, in all sports, ENOUGH, ENOUGH ALREADY!

150 - Clubhouse Power

Post #150

Wow, creeping in on One Year on the blog-o-rama, and hit the one-fifty mark.  It has been plenty fun --- at least the USPS has been benefitting from all the PWEs & mailers coming in and out.

Mark K, the the GPS of finding the clubhouse, sent me a mailer at the beginning of the month and for the life of me, I cannot recall the cardboard I received.   I think Mr. Dave Roberts here was one of the many that came my way. 

Thank you, Mr K, it is appreciated nonetheless --- in tribute of your generosity, you get post #150!

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Comeback Common

We all have that card that somehow, time and again, winds up in your sort pile.  It doesn't really have a home, it doesn't really fit into anything you collect, you don't even know why it keeps showing up.

But it keeps coming back like Sam I Am selling Green Eggs and Ham (sorry I have a three year old)

This is the short tale of Bill Laxton....

This may be the most play William Henry Laxton gets on  a sports card blog, EVER, but seriously I don't know why I have this card.  I don't know why he has been in most of my "common" boxes, most of my "sort to trade" boxes, and finally...the recycle pile.

Why do you keep showing up?  You're in a Tidewater Tides jersey!

I do not collect you, your team, or anything else!  I do not have room for you anywhere, why do you keep coming back, please just go away....

What? I should look at the back of the card?  Why?

Oh, yeah, right there, Detroit Tigers!  Wait, he was the centerpiece of the Mickey Lolich deal from the Mets, 

Wow! You do belong, you do have value, let's get you a penny sleeve and top loader and come here to stay!

The card also reads, ( I am sure you can read too!) "He should have a big role in the Tigers rotation", really?

Nope, drafted by the Mariners in the expansion draft, this is his second and last card (a sunset, Dime Box Nick?).  Looks like he got 25 games in with the Tigers, plus two saves, described as a "hard thrower". Slick!

If you have a double of this card, please send it my way, so that my PC pays proper tribute to Billy Laxton.

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Man Jeff

Dude over at 2x3 Heroes hooked me up with a PWE last week, finally getting around to posting the greatness...

These CyberStats cards are cool to me, I do wonder what might have been of the 1994 season --- Expos World Series Champs? Matt Williams breaks 61? Tony Gwynn hits over .400?  Also a change in pace with the stat categories on the bottom of the card.

Thanks Jeff, see you at the National! 

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

Collection Ideas

Yesterday may have been the worst day for sports, but today may be my worst blog post...

After a Usain Bolt pace to acquire 6,000 Tigers --- I have been pondering new collection ideas....

Others out there have many great ideas for collecting cards, including: bunting, broken bats, double plays, players with awards, players doing non-baseball activities, players signing cards, plays at the plate, catchers in gear, pitchers hitting, throwback uniforms.

The list goes on, the possibilities, endless.

I recently finished my Perfect Game "pages" of all players to toss a perfecto with a card from that season.

My interest moving forward is to start getting a President of the US binder ( I taught US History & Government for 8 years, alright?) as well as any election, US Constitution, patriotic cards out there.  You get the idea.

Still reading?

I always am on the lookout for Olympic and College wrestlers, not Hulk Hogan.  We're talking: Cael Sanderson, Rulon Gardner, Dan Gable, John Smith, etc.

Finally, I am going to start a No-Hitter binder, a nice task of over 250+ cards out there along the lines of the aforementioned PG pages.  Send those Gypsy subset cards this way!

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Worst Day in Sports...

Today marks the worst day for a sports fan.

No MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA, NASCAR, IRL, you get the idea.

But let me tell you, watching Mariano Rivera make his way to the mound last night--- that was a great moment.  What a fitting tribute to the classiest man in all of sport.  AWESOME!

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hot Corner All-Stars

Here at the Hot Corner there are plenty of stars. I figured I would display the "top vote" earners based on the quantity in my player collections....I am sure there will be a slight slant towards a certain team from Detroit.  Looking forward to seeing Scherzer, Miggy, Prince, Torii, Jhonny, JV, Leyland and crew win one for the American League ---- Happy Birthday Night Owl!

Leading Second "Sweet" Lou Whitaker (156 cards)

Hitting 2nd, No. 3 on the field, but #1 in the heart of the Hot Corner (242 cards)

Alan Trammell

Batting third, the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be....Miguel Cabrera (195 cards)

Hitting Cleanup, playing first....Cecil Fielder (156 cards)

In Right Field, hitting Fifth, Mr Tiger, Al Kaline (101cards)

Your Designated Hitter for the evening, sponsored by the Night Owl Cards, Nomo's Sushi Platter & gcrl blogs , Kirk Gibson (99 cards)

Do I really NOT have a Gibby All-Star Tigers card?

Hitting Seventh in Left, Way Back! Magglio Ordonez, (120 cards)

In the eight spot, catching, "PUDGE!" Ivan Rodriguez (85 cards)

Ninth, playing Center, Curtis Granderson (100 cards)

Pitching for the Hot Corner Cards is Mr. Justin Verlander. (147 cards)

Not a bad crew, MVP (Verlander, Gibson, Cabrera), Batting Champs (Cabrera, Ordonez, Kaline)

Your Hot Corner snub would be Travis Fryman at 106 cards.

Enjoy the Game tonight!

Derby Mania

This post began as a tribute to Prince Fielder on winning his second straight (and third overall) Home Run Derby, but as many of you may know he was an early exit with five whoppers.

What did come out of last night's events was a couple of finds, enjoy...

Here is Robinson Cano's father, Jose's Rookie Card from 1990 Bowman, NICE!

Another fun power display last night, what a slick player, what a slick card!!!

I believe the hype on Cespedes now!  Holy freakin' moon shots!

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Starting Scherzer

I've been pretty quiet about Max Scherzer's amazing season.  I honestly didn't want to tempt fate, as good of a season the Tigers have had, they haven't been able to pull away from those pesky Indians.

13-1, a wonderful start!  Scherzer has been awesome, and even more, he has battled personal (brother's suicide last season) and professional (sent to Toledo) since arriving in Detroit.  Another solid piece to the big puzzle, moving the team towards another World Series run!

Congrats on an outstanding first half and being named All-Star Starter tomorrow in New York!

A fun time, no doubt, as a Tigers fan

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fantastic Trade!

I am sure the phrase has been used before when dealing with Fantastic Catch, a red bird lover.  I sent him all things Cardinals, mostly Topps '13 variety and he said he had a Miggy for patch for me, you know, Cabrera.

ESPN's Karl Ravech asked the BBTN panel the other night why Manny Machado wasn't the leading vote getter for the AL 3B spot?  Why Karl, cause there is this guy from the D, Cabrera, who's the best freakin' player in the freakin' world, Karl.  HOLY SMOKES!

UPDATE: Cabrera was voted in the ALL-STAR game by the fans to start at third.  Sorry Karl, no Macho Manny! Along with Scherzer, Verlander, Peralta, Hunter, manager Jim Leyland and BACK BENOIT for the   FINAL FIVE!

Thanks Wes for the quick trade! Go Tigers!

Keep it Hot on the Corner, Pat.

Double Feature

Some of you may have already seen these cards from the like of , we have been trading Red Sox & Tigers since some spring cleaning on his part netted me some slick Tigers.

Matt wrote about these guys earlier this year...I shot him a comment seeing if I could sneak them away for some Sox and he obliged, I have a feeling N.Castellanos will somehow never play in Detroit, he may find his way to Miami, Chicago, or somewhere else with middle relief help for this season's pennant chase.

He also sent me the Blue and Emerald parallels of Miggy, you know, Cabrera.

Thanks again Doc!!!

Keep it Hot on the Corner!

Searching for Reds & Rangers Collectors

Lucky for me, I have a certain knack for pullin' hits,

Unlucky for me, they happen to usually end up being Reds or Rangers.

I am putting together a trade package of these hits, mostly MEM patches and inserts for two lucky fans.

Check out my trade bait page for a taste of what could be for the lonely price of Tigers of similar stature!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Junk wax needs lovin' too!

I am the type of person that doesn't consider the 1990s not that long ago, most of my youth was this era and most of the collecting came to be as well. 

I get it --- junk wax. Same as the steroid era--- bloated with supply and too much to chase, burnt some folks out.

I had some inspiration to rip a box of 1990  and finish off a set that I had once collected when I was a kid.  After a trip to LCS and a Sunday Retro Rip from Beckett's Chris Olds...That inspiration turned into four total boxes.  Since I am w/o scanner services currently I will just insert cards later on this blog.

Score 90 was the best of the early editions.  By far my fave.  Several HOF, early rookies, and of course, the BO card.

My inspiration centered around the chase to get the Sandberg error, which books at $8,  Why not?

UPDATE 7/4/13 ---- I pulled the card in a box stamped NOV 1989, the other boxes were stamped DEC 1989.

The errors themselves would be the start of chasing inserts, autos, patches, hits the like, etc.

Milt Cuyler played 998 games?

The collating is interesting, four of each color and four of the inserts or another color.  

After ripping half of the boxes ... No bonds, no trammell, no Griffey sr., ironically not a lot of tigers , completed the dream team, and the rookies --- schilling, Maas, justice, Bernie Williams, Grissom, deshields, olerud, Juan Gonzalez, Sosa. 

Frank Thomas , mo Vaughn, Ben McDonald were hot rookies in this set and I remember trying to make some coin at an LCS turning those jokers over.

It's been fun, it's been real, real fun? Yeah, the junk wax needs some live too

Let me know if you need some 90 score headed your way!!!

Keep it hot on the corner!!!