Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hiatus Mailer

Tony of Off Hiatus hooked me up with a return mailer of some Tigers


A&G Back!

also a nice Topps mini Max Scherzer relic, more fitting as he is most likely going to be in a grey jersey next time he is in Detroit.

Hot Corner, Pat

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Off The Mark: Brien Taylor

In the midst of sorting through those "Big Box of Baseball Cards" from my LCS, I came across this card.

"Hey, Cool! I remember Brien Taylor, next big thing, number 1 draft pick in 1991....bust"

Basically was the best prospect in baseball, got in a fight in North Carolina, jacked up his shoulder, out of baseball by 1995.  Just imagine Andy Pettite as the second best lefty in the Yankee Dynasty years.  Maybe that is a tad aggressive, but worth a "What If?"

At least worth a trip to my childhood boxes to see what I had, if any.  Two more.

So, speaking of aggressive, I decided I was going to "off the mark" and acquire all of the Brien Taylor cards I could.  Only 75 in total, that I could find listed  on

Quick, who had the best career here: Lindros, Maryland, Johnson or Taylor?

Here is just a sampling.  More on their way!

I did buy a 100 card lot with dupes, if you are interested in some of these.

Hot Corner, Pat

Monday, November 17, 2014

300 - Trammel leads them All

The first PC 300 card man, Alan Trammell gets the 300th post on the hot corner.  I am sure the real life  Tigers have taken notice as they have just hired the former Tigers great as a Special Consultant to Dave Dombrowski.  Say what you will about Trammell's managerial career in Detroit or as an assistant in Chicago or Arizona (read: dismal), there is a place for #3 back home in Detroit!

I've been crushing SportLots with boosting the collection, while also going way off the mark on other PC additions (those will be shared later)

Here is the latest pieces.

Sitting at 369 cards, most likely 400 by the end of 2014.

Hot Corner, Pat

Sunday, November 16, 2014

I Went to a Craft Show...

Stop laughing, the ad mentioned "Baseball Cards".

Five bucks, yeah buddy!

The table, tucked in the corner, the dealer had a box, like the larger priority mail, standard gift boc full of 1988-90 Topps for $20, no.

An Original NEED NINE NOW member, finally collected!

A box of 1993 Donruss for $20, no.

These two for a buck each.  Nice!

Nickel Stack, I've made worse mistakes for more than a nickel, lots of Padres in there.

Hot Corner, Pat

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Those that remain

NOTE: This post was originally drafted around July of 2014

I made the goal of hitting 9,000 Tigers by the end of 2014, almost half way home around the sun and have less than 1,000 (788 to be exact) to hit the mark.

Assuming that the remaining sets to be released this collecting season contain roughly 15 Tigers (not like the 22 for Cardinals & Yankees in Archives, meh).  Here is my SUPER WANT LIST for the rest of 2014.

  1. 2014 Topps Before They Were Great Ty Cobb BG-25
  2. 2014 Panini Prizm Torii Hunter # 58
  3. 2012 Topps Archives Dual Fan Favorites Kirk Gibson/Austin Jackson
  4. 2012 Bowman Victor Martinez #166
  5. 2012 Bowman Jhonny Peralta #178
  6. 2012 Bowman Chrome Prospects Brennan Smith BCP50
  7. 2012 Bowman Chrome Prospects Dean Green BCP52
  8. 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Brandon Inge #141
  9. 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Max Scherzer #142
  10. 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Austin Jackson #218
  11. 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Miguel Cabrera #327 SP
  12. 2011 Topps Hertiage New Age Performers Miguel Cabrera NAP-5
  13. 2011 Topps Heritage Then & Now Miguel Cabrera / Frank Robinson TN-2
  14. 2011 Topps Heritage Josh Tomlin / Jeanmarr Gomez / Felix Doubront / Jake Arrieta / Andy Oliver #493
  15. 2011 Topps Heritage Michale McKenry / Max St. Pierre / Chris Hatcher / Mike Nickeas / Steve Hill #496
  16. 2011 Topps Kimball Champions Ty Cobb #13
  17. 2011 Topps Kimball Champions Hank Greenberg #90
  18. 2011 Topps Kimball Champions Ty Cobb #99
  19. 1981 Fleer Mark Fidrych #462
  20. 1998 Topps AJ Hinch/ Mark Osborne/ Robert Fick #487
  21. 2007 Topps Update Justin Verlander #237
  22. 2012 Topps Heritage Then & Now Sandy Koufax/Justin Verlander
  23. 2012 Topps Heritage Then & Now Juan Marichial/Justin Verlander
  24. 2009 O-Pee-Chee Curtis Granderson #331
  25. 2013 Topps Update Chrome Justin Verlander MB7
  26. 2013 Panini Cooperstown Mickey Cochrane #38
  27. 2013 Panini Cooperstown George Kell #54
  28. 2013 Panini Golden Age Al Kaline #68
  29. 2013 Panini Golden Age Norm Cash #77
  30. 2013 Panini Golden Age Bill Freehan #96
  31. 1972 Topps Norm Cash #150
  32. 1972 Topps Al Kaline #600
  33. 1972 Topps Dick McAuliffe #725
  34. 1972 Topps Willie Horton #750
  35. 1975 Topps Ralph Houk #18 MGR
  36. 1975 Topps Mickey Lolich #245
  37. 1975 Topps Rookie Pitchers #614
  38. 1975 Topps Rookie Infielders #617
  39. 1975 Topps Rookie Catchers #620
  40. 1975 Topps Rookie Infielders #623
  41. 1976 Topps Traded Rusty Staub #120T
  42. 1983 Donruss HOF Heroes Ty Cobb #1
  43. 1986 Leaf Kirk Gibson DK #1
  44. 1988 Topps Wax Box Bottom Darrell Evans E
  45. 1990 Fleer Update Travis Fryman U96
  46. 1990 Score Rising Stars Doug Strange #63
  47. 1994 Leaf Lou Whitaker #80
  48. 2001 Fleer Tradition Andres Torres #477
  49. 2002 Bowman Kenny Baugh #224
  50. 2002 Fleer Tradition Andres Torres #464
  51. 2004 Fleer Greats of the Game Mark Fidrych #90
  52. 2006 SP Legendary Cuts Alan Trammell #88
  53. 2007 Topps #15 Andrew Miller RC VAR
  54. 2008 Upper Deck First Edition Joel Zumaya #355
  55. 2010 Topps Vintage Legends Ty Cobb VLC20
  56. 2012 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Fernando Perez BDPP50
  57. 2012 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Rasard Brown BDPP131
  58. 2014 Donruss TEAM MVPs Miguel Cabrera #2
  59. 2014 Donruss TEAM MVPs Miguel Cabrera #29
  60. 2013 Pinnacle Miguel Cabrera #14
  61. 2013 Pinnacle Justin Verlander #20
  62. 2013 Pinnacle Prince Fielder #100
  63. 2013 Pinnacle Austin Jackson #134
  64. 2013 Pinnacle Avisail Garcia #199

.... and the list goes on and on, hit me up for a trade your way

Hot Corner, Pat

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Wes - Tastic

The Hot Corner was the latest recipient of the JayBarkerFan Farewell tour.

Wes was famously known around the blogging world for being extremely generous.

I knew when I received an email from Wes earlier in the week asking if my address was still the same I was in for some excitement.

That Fu-Te Ni auto may be the most wonderous thing in his Detroit career, or his blue glove.

Thank you Wes for the Tigers AND all the good you have done for the card blogging universe.

Hot Corner, Pat