Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Missing Pieces

A post written April 26th ----

Somehow, these cards haven't made it to my count, which now stands at 9.932 Tigers...Shooting for 10,000 by the end of the month.

Getting closer!

Hot Corner, Pat

Monday, May 25, 2015

All the Way from the Clubhouse

Master Kaz sent me a SUPER PWE today, thank you kindly!

Thank you Mark!

Hot Corner, Pat

Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Novel Idea: 2015 Bowman

This year, Bowman will be released in two series.  What a brilliant concept!

Let's take a look

They must be saving the best for last, as Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander are bound for Series two. Hope no one overreacts to their omission!

All kidding aside, I do enjoy the design Bowman has taken.

Hot Corner, Pat

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Where Bowman '15 Whiffed

I am not one to chime in on the current state of the hobby, maybe here and there with the seemingly constant re-tread of photos among the product.  Yes, Short Prints, Variations, parallels are troubling, but, it is, what it is.

But this may be one glaring injustice from Bowman, see below the Tigers team set for 2015 Bowman

Six cards, all fine ball players, with some rookies.  Anyone notice an omission?  Maybe two?

Still thinking?

Would ANY card producer leave out Jeter?  Trout?  Harper?  Sal Fasano?

I think not.

There is no Miguel Cabrera! 

You know the guy with two MVP trophies.  The guy who won the Triple Crown for the first time since Yaz.  The Best there is, Best there was, the best there ever will be (maybe a tad aggressive_ but seriously? Bowman whiffed on a really major player.

Another one, Verlander, yeah he had a bad year in 2014 and still no sign of 2015, but the card companies still have Cliff Lee in this year's Bowman edition.  I get that Bowman base is a smaller sized set, but give me a break.

It's not like the team itself is horrible either, the demand is there.

Think of the out cry from the cardboard community with any of the aforementioned "national" players not included --- like a day without sunshine, riots in the streets, boycotts, the end of modern civilization as we know it, for sure.  

I don't understand.

Hot Corner, Pat

Monday, May 11, 2015

Take A Little Trip

Zipped over to my LCS this week and was able to pick up a few things out of the ordinary.

Picked up some Luggies.

Osuna is one of my fantasy players this season!

Not much left to purchase lately at the LCS, so I checked into the singles pile of last season's Heritage Minor League, picking out the studs and those that have the privilege of sitting in my fantasy baseball minors system.

Future Teddy Ball Game players.

I had picked up the refractors of Zeile and Hill a couple weeks and had noticed when adding them in the collecting, that I had none of the Chrome, so luckily my main man still had these when I returned


Should eclipse 10K this week, officially.

Hot Corner, Pat.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Return of Jaybarker

I don't know what I have done to deserve the generosity of the many of you fellow blogger collectors


Another surprise mailer showed up Friday from the greatest of blogger distribution, Jaybarker.

Sitting close to the 10K, Wes brought the number closer.  Take a peek.

As always, thank you Wes!

Hot Corner, Pat

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tigers on the Wall: Nearing 10,000

Anybody there?

I have been quite a recluse over the last six months.  Once the school year hit it has been non-stop at my house.

Let's Review:  Assistant Principal at a Middle School, two kids, Varsity wrestling coach, T-Ball coach, baseball card collector, avid 2x3 Hero blog reader, sold my house in 20 minutes ---- not much time to plunk down my thoughts on collecting.
Hot Corner Pat on the left, our Heavyweight won the State Finals this season!

I have never been much of a writer, so this in a way is an exercise in personal development.

Regardless, collecting Tigers has continued.  Steadily moving toward the 10K mark, the goal was to hit that by the end of April, now standing at 9.984 with Bowman master team set on the way and some other eBay and Sportlots to be arriving shortly.

Night Owl sent me a surprise mailer, he warned of some shiny enclosed.

Here are some highlights from the Jedi at 2x3 Heroes

Can you believe this guy had dinner with Kate Upton after he was done with his rehab work in Chicago AND posted a picture of it on twitter?  The audacity!

To be honest, they are probably a combination of both generous offerings towards the cause.


Hot Corner, Pat