Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Lot of Tigers 1952 Topps

Quick and easy here in the series, 1952 Topps, mine have been slightly modified from these pics (courtesy of TradingCarddb.com) as their white borders have been entirely hand trimmed.

Two new, Running Total: 19

Hot Corner, Pat

Monday, December 29, 2014

A Lot of Tigers: 1951 Bowman

As it has been dicussed on countless forums, image recycling may be the plight of the hobby, but taking a peek at 1951 Bowman, this is not a new gripe.  Compare 1950 Bowman to the 1951....Discuss.

The next three were not a part of the large haul of vintage Tigers, however, were purchased through the same vendor this past month.

Seven new Tigers, running lot total 17

Hot Corner, Pat

Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Lot of Tigers: 1950 Bowman

Getting back in the blogging groove after almost two weeks of hibernation.  Even though I haven't contributed posts over that time frame I haven't been completely dormant.  Rather, I have made quite an addition for the holidays.

But we have to go back to the summer to somehow come full circle.

I am always on the lookout for new card shops, or those that are new to me is just fine. We had a wedding in the Detroit area, I had some time to kill, so I started looking for an LCS, I found one advertised in the Beckett magazine, found the official Facebook page for the address and they had "hours of operation" posted, shouted the coordinates to Siri and I was off. 
This place was tucked away in a residential area, weird.  The structure was similar to that of like an old auto repair shop with tall garage bays.  Anyway, the place primarily operates on internet sales, they weren't really thrilled by my visit, said I could order online and pick up if interested.  Weird.

That was more for me than you.  So I have been keeping an eye on their web sales and a cool lot poked up before the holidays, 275 cards from 1950 - 1978, with shipping AND tax (seriously, a whole other topic) worked out to be about seventy cents per card.  So I accepted the challenge!

I have never been more satisfied than I was from this lot of vintage Tigers...

Dick Kryhorski
Bob Swift

Charlie Keller

Aaron Robinson

Virgil Trucks

Don Kolloway

Dizzy Trout

Gerry Priddy

Eddie Lake

Johnny Groth

Mine are not nearly in this good of shape (scans from TradingcardDB.com)

Ten new Tigers, Running lot total --- 10

Hot Corner, Pat

Friday, December 26, 2014

The Theory

( I haven't "blogged" in two weeks?! This happens to be the busiest time of year at the Hot Corner with the holidays, kids, coaching, and the day job --- I can't let Jeff take cheap shots at me while I am away --- we shall fix this!  )

I have come to be quite reluctant in pulling the trigger on any single card on my want list --- or even updating my singles --- over the last year based on a working hypothesis, SWAG, or a very primitive theory.

That theory is that once I send some cash and the ever gouging S&H to somebody out there  on eBay or Sportlots ---- ultimately  some kind soul will then send all their Tigers my way, and 'lo and behold within this lot will be the card I recently ordered.

Case in point....

I wrote about a recent post obtaining this card around December 8th via purchase, to round out my 1973 Topps team set....

A couple days later, a lot of Tigers arrived, maybe from Johnny's Trading Spot, with this card.

Now I have a dupe, no problem.  But, maybe I should just wait and let the trading card world sort itself out before I load up on the bay again?  No biggie.

Then another lot showed up, with this card...

I go from needing this card, to owning three within a week.  Weird.

No biggie, patience. patience. patience will be the key to 2015

Hot Corner, Pat

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Off the Mark: Mark Saccomanno

I can't remember who, but with the amount of different categories people collect,  I am sure there are plenty of bloggers out there that collect cards of players that share the same birthday.

My Cardboard Birthday pal is Mark Saccomanno - April Thirtieth

He had four major release cards, and were all acquired in one fell swoop via SportLots

2006 WBC Future Watch #51 SN999, CHECK
2009 Upper Deck #406 RC CHECK
2009 Upper Deck Gold RC #406 CHECK
2009 Upper Deck Rookie Debut #RDMS CHECK

Here are the career MLB numbers for the Astros:



In this "off the mark" acquisition: I am going to attempt to acquire as many of the WBC cards as possible, ultimately there are 999 of them right?

Hot Corner, Pat

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dodgers Helping Tigers

Two Dodgers fans sent me some cardboard in the last week, thank you Night Owl

Thank you Jim of gcrl 

Some fine additions to the Tigers collection, now if they would just ship Puig & Kershaw to the Motor City, that'd top it off!

Hot Corner, Pat

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cyber Stats

These cards are very fascinating to me, "What Might Have Been?"

The strike of 1994 cut me out of the hobby and enjoying anything baseball for about ten years.

However, these cards are intriguing to me.  I hope to run these all down

This was another portion of the COMC craze Black Friday weekend.

Hot Corner, Pat

Monday, December 8, 2014

Check Out My (Team Set Completion) Cards

I took the plunge and finally hit up COMC for their Black Friday sales.

I scooped up 1972 & 1973 Topps team set needs ----

The Above Back is an error, has a black line between 6' | 1"

Now on to 1971, working my way backward on the team sets.

Hot Corner, Pat