Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: A Review

My Goals were pretty simple for the coming year.

1. Blog About It : 200 posts by December 31 CHECK (October)

2. New Most Wanted: PUSH  This has been a work in progress as I do not have many demanding needs in terms of cardboard.  I would guess the Nothing But Tigers collection would have consumed most of my want list this past year.  I was hoping for more Trammell.  I began adding an auto or relic once a month.  Then I shifted to keep my auto collection to 1% of my collection, so 6,000 Tigers... 60 Tiger Autos and I got pretty close, but this can be pricey.  So this needs to be more concrete

3. Attend the National... too much going on this summer, maybe next year in Cleveland....FAIL

4. More Tigers - Hit 6,000 by August, CHECK (June), what a help from people out there just sending me stuff to some great trade partners acquired.

5. Binder Up! -  I have added two binders of players I enjoyed and has branched out to Tigers that played for other teams. CHECK

6. Football? - football still here, nobody wants my junk, although the football archives has tempted me to rip a few packs.....FAIL

7. A PWE A Week?  I am sure I have sent out more than 52 envelopes this year....CHECK

2014 will be a great year, looking forward to a great year of collecting!

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat!

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  1. Congrats! It's been a good year for you. Thanks for the pwe's!