Wednesday, July 31, 2013

6,723 Tigers on the Wall

Tigers on the wall started as a weekly update of the Tigers I had accumulated throughout the week.  I think I am going to stretch it out for the month to keep track how the PC is progressing.

TRAMMELL OF THE MONTH:  We're now at 245 of the most treasured Shortstop in Detroit history.  I must say I have gotten away from collecting #3 and have been chasing team sets this year.

PWE MVP:  2x3 Heroes and I keep swapping envelopes and he sent in a lottery winner this week boosting Tigers totals with almost every card.

I love these CyberStats cards...said it before, but these are slick!

TEAM SET COMPLETIONS: climbing towards 150 team sets, crushed some set needs this month.

Good old Tony Phillips finishes up the master set of 1990 Upper Deck, he was hiding in my duplicate box of all places!

My kids new favorite card, Opening Day base set checked off the list.

Trading Card History Chrome

2006 Bowman Heritage 

Goodbye AVI!

My favorite prospect sent away to the dreaded White Sox, although Iglesias will definitely be a significant upgrade and help any potential loss due to the looming Jhonny Peralta PED suspension.  

Hope everyone enjoys the National, not going to make it this year, there's always next year, right?

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