Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Junk wax needs lovin' too!

I am the type of person that doesn't consider the 1990s not that long ago, most of my youth was this era and most of the collecting came to be as well. 

I get it --- junk wax. Same as the steroid era--- bloated with supply and too much to chase, burnt some folks out.

I had some inspiration to rip a box of 1990  and finish off a set that I had once collected when I was a kid.  After a trip to LCS and a Sunday Retro Rip from Beckett's Chris Olds...That inspiration turned into four total boxes.  Since I am w/o scanner services currently I will just insert cards later on this blog.

Score 90 was the best of the early editions.  By far my fave.  Several HOF, early rookies, and of course, the BO card.

My inspiration centered around the chase to get the Sandberg error, which books at $8,  Why not?

UPDATE 7/4/13 ---- I pulled the card in a box stamped NOV 1989, the other boxes were stamped DEC 1989.

The errors themselves would be the start of chasing inserts, autos, patches, hits the like, etc.

Milt Cuyler played 998 games?

The collating is interesting, four of each color and four of the inserts or another color.  

After ripping half of the boxes ... No bonds, no trammell, no Griffey sr., ironically not a lot of tigers , completed the dream team, and the rookies --- schilling, Maas, justice, Bernie Williams, Grissom, deshields, olerud, Juan Gonzalez, Sosa. 

Frank Thomas , mo Vaughn, Ben McDonald were hot rookies in this set and I remember trying to make some coin at an LCS turning those jokers over.

It's been fun, it's been real, real fun? Yeah, the junk wax needs some live too

Let me know if you need some 90 score headed your way!!!

Keep it hot on the corner!!! 

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