Thursday, July 18, 2013

Collection Ideas

Yesterday may have been the worst day for sports, but today may be my worst blog post...

After a Usain Bolt pace to acquire 6,000 Tigers --- I have been pondering new collection ideas....

Others out there have many great ideas for collecting cards, including: bunting, broken bats, double plays, players with awards, players doing non-baseball activities, players signing cards, plays at the plate, catchers in gear, pitchers hitting, throwback uniforms.

The list goes on, the possibilities, endless.

I recently finished my Perfect Game "pages" of all players to toss a perfecto with a card from that season.

My interest moving forward is to start getting a President of the US binder ( I taught US History & Government for 8 years, alright?) as well as any election, US Constitution, patriotic cards out there.  You get the idea.

Still reading?

I always am on the lookout for Olympic and College wrestlers, not Hulk Hogan.  We're talking: Cael Sanderson, Rulon Gardner, Dan Gable, John Smith, etc.

Finally, I am going to start a No-Hitter binder, a nice task of over 250+ cards out there along the lines of the aforementioned PG pages.  Send those Gypsy subset cards this way!

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.


  1. I've got quite a few that might help those collections. I've got a couple presidents from my box of 2013 Panini Golden age, and a couple from 2008 UD masterpieces. I've also got some dupes from last year olympics set (not sure if they're wrestlers though). I think I have a couple dupes from the GQ No-Hitters as well. I'll round everything up and let you know what I find!

  2. Shoot me an email with your address. I may have some more cards to add to your pile. Thanks.