Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trading Tuesday

The mailman popped by my place of work yesterday and let me know he had delivered two parcels to my home.  Nice!  Luckily, I was able to zip home ( I live a three blocks away ) and tear open my new cards.

First, I made a trade with Robert of $30 A Week Habit of Tigers for Blue Jays.

I was a little reluctant to trade this rare Jack Morris, but it didn't fit my guideline and I figured it would be good for the trade.

What I got back was sheer Tiger-Mania!

Plenty of Verlander, Granderson, a large portion (update: 59) of the era (1995-2010) I had been missing along with a hefty set of 2012 Topps Update to get my set closer to being finished.

One of the last cards I found in the Tigers stack

None other than a Diamond King

Thanks Robert!

Keep It Hot on the Corner!

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