Friday, November 23, 2012


I am thankful I didn't go in the ditch on the way home tonight after about a predicted 1-4" snowfall in northern Michigan.

I am thankful for my wife and two wonderful sons, my huge extended family and a wonder dog named Wendy!

I am thankful for the Detroit Tigers, good and bad, thick and thin, through Palmer, Juan Gone, Higgy, Fick, Lima-Time, Shelton, back to back MVPs, 1968, Kaline, Ernie, The Bird, 1984,Sparky, Bless You Boys, Willie, Gibby, Morris, Cecil, Pudge, Maggs, Prince, Verlander,  Sweet Lou,

and #3 Alan Trammell.

I am thankful that my interests brought me back baseball in 2003 and back to collecting in 2012.

Thanks to Trading Card Database for adding a "History" section on their collection reports upon my recommendation.

Thankful for trades completed with other bloggers and trades yet to be completed, and those to made in the future!

Thankful for all of my readers!

Keep it hot on the corner.

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