Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It Keeps Getting Better...

BREAKING NEWS: Torii Hunter signs with the Detroit Tigers.

Wow, great clubhouse guy, will hit for a higher average than automatic double play Delmon Young, Will be a leader for the Motown Kitties.  And instead of him robbing HRs from us the past 14 years, he is going to help us bring a banner back home to the D!

BREAKING NEWS: "Daddy you have a present!" 

ME: What is it?

"It's a box from Topps!"  (2012 Topps Heritage High Number Series, finally!)

Not sure what I am going to do here, I have been waiting on this since Nov 3.  Yes, they included a Tigers insert (Not sure if this was random or not, but I will take it).  I want to tear into it and see what kind of AUTO card is in there, or save it to see if it can pay for Teddy & Luke's college tuition (probably not).  Maybe I will use the singles as trade bait.  Who knows, let me know what you think. 

I should have taken on Robert's idea on how to spend $100 better on cards in my collection.  Oh well.

BREAKING NEWS:  Justin Verlander Back to Back AL Cy Young awards!

Well, I guess you can't get what you want all the time.  David Price takes home the AL Cy Young this season.  20 game winner playing in the tough AL East.  I get it.  Maybe I am bit (read: more than a bit) of a homer here.  It would be the best end to the day if we sweep the awards again, but it was not to be.  Verlander is the face of the franchise and had a great year.  Looking forward to more from JV.

Tomorrow is a big day, AL  MVP = Miguel Cabrera.  I can feel it.

Keep it hot on the corner.

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