Tuesday, May 28, 2013

All Over But the Crying...

The Quest to 6.000 is closing to an end.

With about 180 to go, I stumbled upon the exclusive Detroit Tigers 2008 Team Gift Set including 55 Tigers. The loaded the Auto collection with a Leaf Signature Cut Dual Auto of THE #3 Alan Trammell and THE BEST BASEBALL PLAYER OF OUR GENERATION Miguel Cabrera.

I haven't jumped into group breaks yet, but noticed a four box hobby break of 2013 Bowman on the bay and swooped up the Tigers, the loot arrived today, netting at least 3 team sets of base & prospects. SLICK!

Then, noticed this at the end....


Finally, I had decided when I was within 130 cards I would purchase the 1981 Detroit News 100 Years of Tiger baseball set.  So that is on it's way.

Now what to do?  6,000 was a mere goal to attain before October and I have been sidetracked a tad from staying the course of focus (and budget) and need to get back to basics.  Quality v Quantity.  I am going to spend some more time cataloging the collection, highlighting some great Tigers and careers. 

The splurge of the summer will be over with Archives (tomorrow, I can't freakin' wait!) and Series 2 coming out soon. We'll cool it down on the Hot Corner in terms of spending, but time spent with what I have will be well spent!

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

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