Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Directions

It's funny where this hobby will take you.

I mentioned recently I shifted focus for a bit to get three pages full of the 24 players to hurl perfect games.   The task was very hard ---- even though shopping on  the bay is bound to get pricey.  Though I was able to nab these for under $30.

These are some GREAT, SLICK cards!  The Larsen is more well loved than pictured.

So there it is minus the Monte Ward, which will soon find it's way to a binder.

I am sure I have some vintage admirers and this task has peaked my interest in working on some more sets.

Chris Olds wrote in a recent Beckett that it is the "fun that brings value". I couldn't say I expected to purchase a Larsen or Koufax of vintage years but the fun in completing this minor set made it reasonable, affordable, and fun!

Keep it Hot on the Corner, Pat


  1. Very nice on the Koufax. I still need to get that one. (Like the Larsen, too).

  2. Cards of perfect game pitchers - I like that idea. And I like the Larsen.