Thursday, June 25, 2015

Of Course, Topps! Of Course!

I was reminded by Sportscards from the Dollar Store's lastest post that I had a "pending" redemption with Topps for a 2013 Topps Heritage Minor League card, this one sans auto.

Wait, I moved!  Topps needs me to update my info! I have only been waiting over a year and a half, surely they haven't.....they did, they shipped it.  To be delivered to my old home.

Of course now, I will have to decide whether or not to go back to the old house, talk to the new owners about wrestling this little gem away from them.  

Timing is everything I suppose.

Of Course.

Hot Corner, Pat.


  1. Does Michigan not have a forwarding address thingy at the post office? How back ass is that state?

  2. It was sent via FED EX not USPS