Friday, June 5, 2015


To say I have been less active on the blogging scene is kind.

Life has been considerably busy.

As the title suggests, the Hot Corner household is moving.  This has led to less time for certain things and as my desk would suggest, significant piles of cardboard stacking up.

If you want to shoot me an email at bp underscore weber5 AT hotmail dot com for new address please do so.

These 1952 Topps came in as the last shipments to the old place, nice.

The plan is to get back posting once the school year ends this coming Wednesday.

Hopefully the Motown Kitties can start their upswing shortly as well!

Hot Corner, Pat


  1. I'll just throw my Tigers to the wind and see if they carry to the mitten of the US. If that make it to the garbage can at he least, I'll consider it a victory.