Friday, December 26, 2014

The Theory

( I haven't "blogged" in two weeks?! This happens to be the busiest time of year at the Hot Corner with the holidays, kids, coaching, and the day job --- I can't let Jeff take cheap shots at me while I am away --- we shall fix this!  )

I have come to be quite reluctant in pulling the trigger on any single card on my want list --- or even updating my singles --- over the last year based on a working hypothesis, SWAG, or a very primitive theory.

That theory is that once I send some cash and the ever gouging S&H to somebody out there  on eBay or Sportlots ---- ultimately  some kind soul will then send all their Tigers my way, and 'lo and behold within this lot will be the card I recently ordered.

Case in point....

I wrote about a recent post obtaining this card around December 8th via purchase, to round out my 1973 Topps team set....

A couple days later, a lot of Tigers arrived, maybe from Johnny's Trading Spot, with this card.

Now I have a dupe, no problem.  But, maybe I should just wait and let the trading card world sort itself out before I load up on the bay again?  No biggie.

Then another lot showed up, with this card...

I go from needing this card, to owning three within a week.  Weird.

No biggie, patience. patience. patience will be the key to 2015

Hot Corner, Pat

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  1. A) You deserved it.

    B) Sounds like me and my Beckham mini. I needed one for a year and bought it during black friday on COMC. Within a week, two more showed up from two different mailings.