Thursday, December 11, 2014

Off the Mark: Mark Saccomanno

I can't remember who, but with the amount of different categories people collect,  I am sure there are plenty of bloggers out there that collect cards of players that share the same birthday.

My Cardboard Birthday pal is Mark Saccomanno - April Thirtieth

He had four major release cards, and were all acquired in one fell swoop via SportLots

2006 WBC Future Watch #51 SN999, CHECK
2009 Upper Deck #406 RC CHECK
2009 Upper Deck Gold RC #406 CHECK
2009 Upper Deck Rookie Debut #RDMS CHECK

Here are the career MLB numbers for the Astros:



In this "off the mark" acquisition: I am going to attempt to acquire as many of the WBC cards as possible, ultimately there are 999 of them right?

Hot Corner, Pat

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  1. I share a birthday with one of the greatest Tigers of all time-Hank Greenberg and a lesser known one- Lynn Jones